Selling Your Home: Let’s Get a Move On!

Are you considering selling your home? If you’re keeping up with the local market, you know it’s crazy. The pace of the market is very fast. For sellers, this is great news! You may be in a prime position to get top dollar for you home right now and still take advantage of low interest rates on the buy side.

Selling Your Home in Five Steps
  1.  We Need to Talk:  To make a move as simple as possible for you, we need to understand your goals and priorities. From there, we’ll work with you to establish a timeline for your sale and possibly purchase as well. We’ll also review the financial piece together to ensure a smooth transition between homes. A quick tour of your current home will allow us to evaluate how it compares to the market for an accurate pricing strategy.
  2. Focus on the House:  Once we have a plan in place, it’s time to turn attention to the home to sell. What needs to be done to present the property its best? We’ll provide you with a list of to-dos to make sure you hit the market with the best first impression! If we need to bring our stager in early for more extensive work, we’ll do that, too. Need vendors to help? We’ll share our list of favorites!
  3. Develop Your Marketing Plan:  You won’t find a team that markets more effectively for your home. We are strategic and create individual marketing plans for each of our listings. Every home is different, and that demands a different approach. We go outside the box to reach our target areas. We’re social and traditional. You’ll get a full package you’ll be proud to share to help extend the reach of your listing!
  4. Leave the Details to Us:  Buying and selling a home involves LOTS of moving parts. It’s OUR job to manage the entire process for you!! This starts pre-listing and goes all the way to the closing table, and often beyond. You’ll receive a consistent, hands-on experience working with us. Of course we need your participation, but you’ll be able to shoulder the bulk of the work with us.
  5. Bring it All Together:  Managing a transaction involves many details and paperwork (electronic!!). It also involves MANY people. We’re easy to work with and will keep your transaction on track. This means nudging others when needed and taking the lead on the file. It takes extra effort when you have back-to-back transactions, but we know how to put a timeline in place that’s realistic to get everyone and everything (including funds!!) where they need to be on time.

You can count on us to do everything we can to make your next move easier, and hopefully more FUN!! Learn more about our agents here or call 913.402.2599 to be matched with someone in your market right away!!