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cyber fraudBuying a home is a significant financial investment. Unfortunately, circumstances that involve a large transfer of money may also become a target for cyber fraud. “In 2017, the real estate industry will remain one of the top targets for cyber criminals because we are involved in transactions with large sums of money,” explained Chris Kelly, chief administrative and legal officer, ReeceNichols Real Estate. “Additionally, the industry has proven to be a target due to the high volume of email we send and receive.”

At ReeceNichols we are working diligently to stay informed and taking the steps we can to help protect our clients. While some of this may seem common sense, it’s important to understand just how legitimate these phishing scams may come across. In fact, we’re now asking our clients to sign a form during a transaction to ensure you are aware of these possible scams, as well as to share information on how to protect your private financial information. We have also implemented a two-step verification process to all of our email accounts as an extra security measure.

cyber fraud


When buying or selling a home, you are involved in a transaction where money is changing hands – making you a potential target for cyber-criminals. These sophisticated criminals could try to hack your email account or the emails of others involved in your transaction, and direct you to send a wire to the hacker’s account. They can even send emails that appear to be from your agent, closer or other trusted source. If you receive wiring instructions, even if it appears legitimate, do not take action without first verifying the request. Always call to confirm such instructions.

Likewise, be cautious when closing with another company. Contact the closer directly before wiring any money to ensure it is the closing company you’re transacting with. Do not use a phone number or other contact information from an email. Use a business number from another source (like the closing company’s website) to make sure you are talking with your closer, not a potential criminal.

We’re always available if you have a concern. We will do our best to answer any questions you may have and can also connect you with resources if you believe you have been the target of such a scam. Contact us anytime at 913.402.2599.

Monday is the first day of spring! And with that will come all the spring cleaning checklists for a fresh start to the season. We can totally get behind spring cleaning and all of the great lists out there – after all, routine home maintenance is key to protecting your home’s value. But for many, the idea of spring cleaning is overwhelming and therefore gets skipped altogether. If that’s you, rather than go all in for a top-to-bottom spring clean, pick one project and do it well!

Even the most organized and tidy homeowners don’t tackle the “big” projects on a regular basis. We’re suggesting six projects to choose from – three indoor and three outdoor – and, including links to make it easy to start. Find one that’s manageable for you!

spring cleaningINDOOR PROJECTS

Clean Out the Fridge:  If you’re like us, you probably wipe the fridge after spills and maybe when you’re clearing space to add groceries. But this is home for all your perishable food and drink. A good deep clean several times a year is warranted. Once it’s shiny clean, think about pulling it out from the wall to vacuum away excess dust.

Dust Baseboards & Window Sills:  No one has time to deal with these regularly! Even if you tackle your baseboards and window sills once a year, that will make a difference in your home’s cleanliness and appearance.

Dust Blinds & Fans:  Just like the baseboards and window sills, we’ll bet these aren’t on your weekly cleaning list! Some will vacuum, some will use a duster, and some will use a rag and spray to get at the blinds and fans. Do what’s easiest for you!


Clean & Paint the Front Door:  A clean, bright entry is one of the fastest and most cost effective moves you can make to boost curb appeal. A fresh coat of paint will make a big impact!

Rake & Replace Mulch:  While this is one of the pricier projects of the ideas we’re suggesting, spring is the season to do this – especially if you’re planning to list your home for sale. New mulch will really make your beds pop!

Clean & Organize the Garage:  This is a biggie for one project, but it will make your home more functional and pleasing – we promise! No more tripping over shoes as you’re trying to get in the door, or balls rolling under the car when you try to back out. Getting salt off of concrete is also important.

Kansas City Real estate

Here’s to a beautiful KC spring! If you have bigger projects you need help with around the house, let us know. We work with lots of area vendors we would be happy to recommend to you.

And if you’re spring cleaning as motivation to get your home ready to sell – we’re ready for that, too! Our professional stager can come out with us to make a punch list of projects to tackle before you list. You can schedule an appointment for this with us anytime at 913.402.2599.

time to sellInventory across KC is still really low, making it a great time to sell! Where were traditionally see homes popping up for the spring market in February, we’re already seeing movement in 2017. The good news is, if spring is your set time for listing, you have plenty of time in the weeks ahead to get your home shiny and bright! And if your time frame isn’t firm and you want to get a jump on spring competition we can get your home market-ready and listed fast.

Here are the 5 biggies we recommend you start on now:
  1. Declutter, declutter, declutter.  And de-personalize while you’re at it. Go room-by-room, level-by-level … whatever will work for you. Pack items you want to keep and get them out of site. If you have items in gently used condition you no longer want, find a local charity and arrange a pick-up (here’s one). Other items you aren’t using should go in the trash. Set a clean, tidy space that buyers can envision as “their” home. The more they relate to your home, the better!
  2. Fix it Up! If you’re aware of an issue with your home, it’s easiest to resolve before listing. Some problems you can probably address on your own. If you need a professional, here’s a list of folks we trust. Let us know if you don’t find what you need and we’ll get it for you. Don’t forget little projects like making sure all lightbulbs are working or touching up paint on wall blemishes.
  3. Give a Deep Clean. This is one you can do on your own to save money. However, if your home needs a little extra TLC, it might be worth investing in a professional cleaner. Same goes for carpets. If yours show dirt, stains or odor, bring in a carpet cleaner. A clean slate goes a long way toward a good first impression!
  4. Spruce Up Curb Appeal. Walk your property. Examine the exterior of your home, as well as your lawn and landscaping. Clean up any debris or items that should be stored (balls, toys, leaves and sticks). Do you have bushes in need of a trim? Would fresh mulch make your front beds pop? Is your exterior paint in good condition? Would a bright front door add curb appeal?
  5. Call Us! At this point we can come in with our stager and photographer to start the marketing side of your listing. But, feel free to bump us up to #1 on the list if you want input and help with the items above! We can come by anytime and review your home to provide suggestions for updates and to prep it for sale. As market experts, we offer guidance on where you will get the most bang for your buck. We can also give you a market report so you know the activity in your neighborhood and the comps. We will work with your timeline to get your home listed and sold so you can move on to the next step … buying!

You can reach us anytime at 913.402.2599! We’re already taking listing appointments in 2017 and would love the opportunity to sell your home. As always, thanks for your continued business and your kind referrals!

That’s the plain truth. Our team is blessed with a strong network of clients and referral partners that make our world go round. See, when you send a referral our way not only is that great for business, it’s also a huge complement. It means we have met (and hopefully exceeded!) your expectations to the level you’re willing to refer us to someone close to you.

referralsOur goal is to provide every client with the very best service. So, over the years we have invested in a robust team structure to ensure we can continue to provide top notch personal service to you. Every real estate investment is a major milestone and we are honored you choose to work with us time and again.

If you haven’t worked with us yet, you should know our team has a big love for this city. We have a rich Kansas City history and are always available to share our tips for favorites around town or to connect you with vendors we know and trust. When you need an electrician, family photographer or something in between, we’re here to help. So, please reach out anytime!

Staying Connected

We enjoy staying in touch with you through social media, community functions and events we host during the year. Some of these events, like our Royals outing, happy hour at Pinstripes and our client appreciation and pie event, are our way of extending our thanks to current-year clients and referral partners. Other events like our annual bracket contest/Tanner’s happy hour and our NEW Santa event are open to all!

Thank you for trusting us with your business and referrals. Our success stems from you, so these events are especially fun for us! It’s a great way to catch up and share our thanks for the support you lend our team. With that, we hope to see you at our Santa event December 10 for cookies, cocoa and a FREE professional photo with St. Nick!



Credit: Zillow/Zillow Digs

“Kitchens and bathrooms sell a home.” We see it all the time. These are key rooms for attention when listing your home to sell. They are also highly used rooms in a home, which makes them worthwhile for consideration even when you don’t intend to sell soon.

This Zillow Porchlight blog reviews the 9 Signs It’s Time to Update Your Bathroom. Take a look and see which of these signs apply to your space. Unless a complete gut is in your plans, bathrooms are a small enough space that you can tackle a few smaller projects and still make a big difference without taking a huge hit to the budget.

When we review properties with our stager for selling a home, we look for ways to enhance a space so potential buyers are drawn to highlights of a home, rather than distracted by details needing attention. Even a small, relatively inexpensive fix – like replacing outdated tile or old wallpaper – can be a point that a buyer can’t get past. Sometimes it’s worth investing in a home before listing it to sell to attract the buyer and price you seek.


Here are few things you might consider to freshen up your space:

  • Color: could you make a big impact with a fresh coat of paint or maybe even on-trend wallpaper?
  • Tiles: are you up for replacing old or dirty tile in your tub, shower or floor? Have you considered having it refinished to brighten the space?
  • Lighting: do you get good natural light (check any window coverings while you’re at it!)? Could your interior light fixtures use an update?
  • Hardware: does your hardware match? Changing hardware to a popular finish is an easy update!
  • Accessories: buy a new matching set of towels (bright white promotes a spa-like feel); clear clutter; add a plant or candle to soften the space

Have you recently updated or enhanced your bathroom? Share your tips or pics to help others out!