Tips to Help Your Open House Stand Out

When your home is on the market you suddenly become acutely aware of the importance of keeping things in order. Calls for showings sometimes come last minute, or even when you’re away, so trying to leave your home in tip-top shape all the time really is the best strategy. It’s hard, but think of it this way, if you do it right you’re likely to get a contract quicker and then you can really move on!

Open houses can be another way to market your home quickly. And if you are in a sought-after neighborhood or a high-traffic area, even better for you! I tell my clients to treat an open house like their most important showing. You will likely have the most eyes on your home for this showing, so do what it takes to make it look great: clear the clutter, have it clean, tidy up the lawn. If you’re on the market, hopefully you’ve taken these steps already.

CookiesIf that’s the case, go a few steps further to stand out from the other homes buyers will likely see that day before and after yours. Here are a few of my favorite tips:

• Bake cookies right before the open house and leave them out for potential buyers – not only will your home smell good, weary house-hunters (and realtors!) like to snack
• Place fresh flowers throughout the home – this welcoming touch can also fragrance the home
• Put a bit of vanilla extract on light bulbs – and be sure to have all the lights on; the brighter the better!
• Add a fabric softener sheet in your HVAC vents – a fresh, clean scent is always nice
• Remember the details – clean the windows, the screen doors, etc.; you wouldn’t believe how many buyers notice tiny cosmetic details like this … you want them focused on the good, not little smudges

This may seem like a lot of work, but just pick a few things that would make an impression on you. Chances are you might just make that same impression on the type of person who is going to be attracted to your home! Let me know if I can help get your home ready to list or polished up for an open house. You can reach me any time at (913) 980-2434.

Photo Credit:  Dan Smith