Buyer’s Tips: Getting Ready for Inspection

Recently, we shared tips for sellers preparing their homes for inspections. This is an important phase of the home-buying process as well, and knowing what to expect can make it go more smoothly.TIps for Home Buyers Prior to Inspection

Here are a few items I recommend my buyers know prior to inspection:

  • Think about getting an insurance quote at this time
  • The inspector’s job is to inform you of anything that is an issue or could become an issue in the future
  • No house is perfect – even new construction!
  • Plan to be at the inspection 2-3 hours
  • Be prepared to pay the inspector at the time of inspection
  • Even homes being sold “as is” need an inspection to see if there is something major that would keep you from buying the home
  • Typical inspections include whole house, termite and possibly Radon

Once you have signed a contract on the home you intend to buy, there is a 10-day period to conduct inspections and negotiate any repairs. After the inspection is complete, we will review the inspector’s findings together and I will submit the list of repair requests to the seller.

It’s not unusual for negotiations to resume again at this point. Just keep in mind, as the buyer you have the right to cancel the contract if acceptable conditions are not agreed upon with the seller. Assuming you arrive at a fair agreement, both parties will sign a resolution document and the sale will move to “pending” status.

Most inspections go smoothly, but some can include another period of negotiations. This is all part of the process and luckily happens pretty quickly given the 10-day period. As your realtor, it’s my job to share my experience and help you identify and negotiate items to get you in the home of your dreams!