Back-to-School Organization Tips

Students across the metro are starting back to school this week and next. This period of transition can be hectic as families transition from summer schedules to routines of school, homework and extracurricular activities. Here are a few suggestions to help make this time of year a little easier around your home.

Plan Ahead for Peace of Mind

Afternoons and evenings are busy, but any time you can devote to preparing for the next day will make a smoother morning for everyone. Layout clothes and make lunches the night before when you can. If special items are needed for school or an extracurricular activity, set them aside before bed, too. This way in the morning, everyone can grab and go!

If your family cooks at home most nights, preparing a meal plan over the weekend and doing some prep work then can also ease some weeknight stress. Make your own plan, or steal one of these!

Keep a Calendar

Family calendars are key to home organization. Whether your family prefers a paper calendar or digital format doesn’t matter. It’s important to choose the style that fits your family best so everyone will use it as a resource. If a paper calendar is what you like, consider a large paper wall calendar or white board calendar that you can color code for each family member. If digital is your preference, here’s some good info to get a calendar started today.

Photo:  Lowe's

Photo: Lowe’s

Fake a Mudroom

Mudrooms are popular in new construction homes. If you don’t have a designated mudroom in your home, fake one! Carve out a bit of space in your garage, laundry room or other home entry and use it to serve as an organizing station for your family. Ideally, you’ll have space to hang backpacks and coats, and place shoes and other gear. If space permits, make a column or section for each family member. This would be a great place to post that family calendar. Check out these “command centers” on Pinterest!

What works for your family? Share your back-to-school tips in the comments below!