Organization 101: Get Ready for Back to School

It’s almost time to send kids back to school and with that transition comes a change in routine at home. The start of the school year is always a busy time as everyone readjusts and works back into a school-year schedule. For many families, this requires additional planning with schedule changes to accommodate homework, sports and other extracurricular activities.

Back to SchoolBefore you find yourself in the thick of it, spend a little time looking ahead at your family calendar and identify ways to make this change smoother. If you’re a family that will be on-the-go a lot after school, perhaps weekly meal-planning and cooking on the weekends could be a game changer for you. For those of you who anticipate busy afternoons at home juggling homework, dinner prep and other house demands, maybe a snack station would take something off your plate.

Then there’s the paperwork that comes with school – and we’re not talking about homework! For those of you with one or more in grade school or higher, you know backpacks stuffed with papers, notifications and such are headed your way! Create a space to manage these before they become counter clutter. Search “organize school papers” on Pinterest and you’ll get more ideas that you’ll know what to do with! And while you’re at it, make a plan for special papers you want to hang onto throughout the year.

Evaluate your home as a whole. If you can set some time aside to tidy drawers, closets, your refrigerator, pantry and garage, you’ll quickly find yourself in a more organized space. We’re not suggesting a huge spring clean here, but you’ll be amazed how much clutter accumulates over summer! Even a few minutes spent in each area of the home can go a long way toward a fresh start to the school year. We wish you and your kiddos a great 2016-17!

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