Seller’s Tips: Getting Ready for Inspection

Just like when buying a home, there are several steps involved when you decide to put your home on the market. Once you have accepted an offer from a potential buyer, you can expect the buyer’s agent to be in touch soon after to schedule an inspection of your home.

Here are a few steps we recommend our sellers take prior to inspection:

  • Make sure to have the utilities on and all pilot lights lit
  • Have working light bulbs in all fixtures (indoors and outside)
  • Ensure easy access to the:  furnace (replace filter and vacuum the area so it is tidy); water heater; electrical panel (the inspector must be able to remove the cover); and attic
  • Make sure all windows open and are unlocked
  • Tighten any loose doorknobs, handrails, etc.
  • Have working batteries in all smoke detectors
  • Make sure keys are available to all doors or out buildings (or leave them unlocked)
  • Pull anything away from walls in the garage, basement or storage areas
  • Remove or restrain pets

No matter how much you prepare, it is rare for an inspection to go through with a completely clear report. Try to approach this process with an open mind and some patience, and the negotiations that are likely to follow may be easier.

While it can be difficult to feel like you’re back in negotiations, this is part of the process, and thankfully a fairly quick one – the buyer has 10 days from the signed contract to conduct the inspection and submit repair requests.

If you’re getting ready for an inspection and want to discuss your home or have specific questions about how to prepare, let us know!