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Photo Credit:  MSN

Photo Credit: MSN

An entire home nestled in 400 square feet. It’s difficult to imagine, but there are people who do it and love the minimalist lifestyle that goes with it. Some even predict going small will be the next big thing!

I do agree there is something to be said for the “less is more” philosophy for those of you who are getting ready to list or who have homes on the market. Part of successful home staging is to help clear the space of your personal items so that potential buyers can envision themselves in your space. The first and most essential step to this process is to declutter your home.

This can be a challenging task for homeowners. But try to think of it this way – this is temporary step and it can help get you to the next stage of your move quicker. Throw away the trash and donate things you don’t use any more. For the rest, consider boxing it up and storing it with friends or family while your home is on the market to give that clear, open feel buyers look for.

Even if you’re not in the processing of selling your home, adopting a decluttering schedule can help you keep your home organized and your space comfortable to enjoy. You can do a little every day, week, month or season – whatever works well for your household is the way to go! Hope you all have a great weekend!!